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Colourliving Eshop

Launched in May 2020, the Colourliving e-shop takes the one-stop retail lifestyle store in Hong Kong to the next level. Adopting a clean, minimalist profile and refined style with a modern character, the website gives customers an intuitive browsing and shopping experience and ease of use with dynamic page layouts that fit different screen sizes automatically. Distinguished by a user-friendly interface, clearly defined sections and well-thought roadmap, the portal has set a new benchmark for e-commerce websites in the retail industry.

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Origami Letter

This is a messaging tool that uses origami to express emotion. Origami is the traditional Japanese craft of paper folding that began as a courtesy. In the past Japanese decorative paper was folded neatly for gift wrapping. This tool uses modern communication to allow people to create a digital origami letter then send it or print and fold it themselves, giving them two ways to enjoy their messages.

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Kolektif is a web application where employees can track their human resources work and socialize. In this application, they can create and customize their profile pages, follow announcements, and make updates. At the same time, employees can see their colleagues' profiles, like their posts, and view the company's stories. Employees can also thank their colleagues or other teams by using the appreciation page. The new database is created through all these personal entries for employee-specific training and activity suggestions.

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Design Award Agency

With the establishment of the Design Award Agency, the goal was to create a platform that brings together the designers and the design awards. This is a unique initiative that makes collaboration and browsing competitions much more efficient. The concept of the website design and digital marketing materials is a symbol of simplicity, functionality and connectivity. The visual appearance attracts attention with animated large geometric shapes.

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Middle of nowhere

This 404 page design comes from the idea of "The middle of nowhere". "404" means that the webpage doesn't exist, so this project creates an environment that makes users feel lost around the internet data and enjoy the virtual landscapes. By training a machine learning model that combines thousands of images, The designer, Yijia Xie, creates unique and beautiful places that don't exist in the whole world or even in the universe. They are just the landscapes generated by Artificial Intelligence.

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Tokyu Garden City

Tokyu Garden City is an urban development project in Binh Duong New City, Vietnam. To commemorate its 10-year anniversary, the visual identity and website were redesigned reflecting the city's theme, Always New. The website features not only basic information about the city but also interviews with city residents and stories that remind people of life in the city. This renewal has succeeded in highlighting the high quality and sophistication of the city's lifestyle.

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