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The BuiltForImpact system is a design methodology designed to help cause-driven companies stand out, sell better, and make more impact. It is designed for visually immersive scrolling, mimicking social media behavior patterns rather than a traditional website structure, in an effort to remain at the intersection of human psychology and the culture of leading social media platforms. Based on research and conversations with designers, marketers and business leaders, the result is a distillation of best practices organized to help cause-driven companies make their mark on society.

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Thanatos Digital

It is an institutional site of a digital agency. It should always convey fresh design and technology. Bright colors were used in contrast with the black background. The design is enhanced by advanced css effects like glitches and animated gradients. Most users are primarily interested in services and the portfolio: for this reason, icons and in-depth pages have been included for the main services. For the portfolio space to the primary colors of the projects was left, in this way each project can express itself at its best. The site is responsive to be displayed on all devices.

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The Coreintive Website has created a website that is linked to corporate identity. The function and design of the website speak a consistent message. Website sending a message that says the company’s goal is to Generate core in creative works. As a branding agency, the value of the client is contained within the creative space that Coreintive does.

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Macys Website

Macy's website allows customers to shop Macy's offerings online, and includes a host of shopping and style-oriented features. In 2019, Macy's website was redesigned with a clean, simple, and fashion-inspired design. As a result, user engagement increased dramatically following the launch of the new design.

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Padiso is a Venture Lab incubating innovative products and launching successful businesses globally. Formed by Creative minds, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Engineers and Business developers, The company has developed an internal innovation process of discovery, analysis, development and business building required to launch products. With the goal to have an impactful effect, Padiso is obsessed with finding the answer.

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Another Japan Yamagata

A visual representation of traditional Japanese Zen spirit and modern hotel functions. It is easier to convey the appeal of a hotel website using images than it is to explain in detail, which is closer to Zen Mind. All of this website exists only to convey the charm of the hotel. If you browse this website, you will surely want to visit to Yamagata.

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