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Elte Btk Hok

Elte Btk Hok is a unique identity and webdesign for Eotvos Lorand University, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Students Union representing the Students Unions values. By redesigning the old vintage looking logo, a new basis was provided for the renewing identity and online appearance. The design team overwrote the structure of the eleven page website, researched and analyzed the webdesign trends, in addition to this several usability tests were conducted to ensure that the final website was easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

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In the website design the illustration of the map was used to symbolize the travelling. Lines and circles also represent the movement of a person in a map. The main page has big and bold typography to attract user’s attention. Pages of different tours have description with photos of the places, so the user can see what exactly he would see in the tour. For the accent the designer used blue color. The website is minimalist and clean.

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The design used a minimalist style, so as not to overload the user experience with unnecessary information. It is also very difficult to use a minimalist style in the travel industry since in parallel with a simple and clear design, the user must get complete information about his travel and this is not easy to combine.

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Yi Music

Yi people, a minority nationality in China. They have their own language and culture, most of them live in the southwest of China. Nowadays, Yi culture is gradually disappearing and Yi people are trying to promote their culture to the public. Music has no boundary and is a great way for people to know Yi culture. So the Yi Music website is designed for the purpose to let people know Yi's music and their culture.

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Si Me Quiero

The "Sí, Me Quiero" website is a space that helps to be oneself. To carry out the project, interviews had to be conducted and the social and cultural context in relation to women had to be explored; her projection in society and with herself. It was concluded that the web would be an accompaniment and would be carried out with an approach of helping to love oneself. In the design it is reflected simplicity with neutral tones using red contrasts to draw attention to certain actions, colors of the brand of the book published by the client. The inspiration came from constructivism art.

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S5 Studios

This website is the portfolio site of Shogo Tabuchi, and it combines design aesthetics with representational possibilities and update-friendliness. The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has made it a challenge for artists around the world to share their works with others. This has made online promotion more important than ever before. This portfolio site is a self-promotion project where users can catch a glimpse of the artist’s unique style through their sight, hearing, and touch.

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