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Blueocean's goal is to provide affordable access to market data to allow brand owners and marketers proactively build a solid business strategy, with features ranging from brand personality assessments, content checks, competitor benchmark analysis and actionable suggestions. Seamless visualization and easy experience is a key factor for brand owners and marketers to be able to understand millions of market data and get insights to help them strategize and stay ahead of competitors.

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Noque By GreenRooms

The concept they want to convey is to let users experience the charm of foliage plants and physical stores. Their view of the world is a harmony between the organic matter of plants and the modernity of modern architecture and interiors. In contrast to the organic nature of the plant shop, the interface created with a balance of regularity and irregularity expresses modernity with functions in simplicity, creating a harmony between organicity and modernity.

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Lifelong Online

Centrick set in place a brand guideline that matched speed with aesthetics. A clean and minimal style of photography was used to simply showcase the core of every product while reducing the deliberate clutter around them. It enabled them to shoot 130 products, catalogued in 300 shots, in just 32 hours. This rapid photography system enabled real time communication, a mandate for e-commerce. To maximize performance they took an extreme approach and challenged the very core of the platforms. A consolidated and integrated design approach was used to create this online destination.

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To pursuit conversations with consumers, they use dynamic image to show experimental visual for website users. They also used the interaction UI to make the website users become more engaged with the website. For colour selection, they used black theme to make consumer more engaged with the whole website experience. They make a newly designed website to convey their culture.

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Pure1 Service UX

Demand from the IT industry for subscription-based cloud services is expanding at a rapid pace, but IT customers are often frustrated by exaggerated product promises, complex pricing structure, and email requests that are left unanswered. This leads to project delays, cost overruns, and even failures. Pure1 has designed a digital journey that makes it transparent for customers to explore services and pricing, with AI-assisted recommendations that simplify decision-making. Quote requests take only two clicks, and the Order Tracker provides up-to-the-minute status for tracking and peace of mind.

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Obsessive Love

The designer created a hypothetical film festival project to celebrate the films of Alfred Hitchcock which inherently have a prevailing obsession with voyeurism. The design follows a thread in which unfulfilled characters stalk victims, giving them a sense of ownership, in the end, dark empowerment motivates the voyeur to murder. The visual elements, user interface, and user experience are all designed from a voyeur perspective. As voyeurs, audiences somehow feel complicit in the events onscreen.

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