Hospital Critical Bed by Younes Daneshvar & Ali M. Khomami

Younes Daneshvar & Ali M. Khomami Shares The Incare Hospital Critical Bed

Younes Daneshvar & Ali M. Khomami, the lead designer of the highlighted project Hospital Critical Bed by Younes Daneshvar & Ali M. Khomami says, inCare accelerates the acute care provided for patients in urgent situations by enhancing the i <Cropped>

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Women Haute Couture by Kelly Ng

Kelly Ng Exhibits The The Golden Age Women Haute Couture

Kelly Ng, the author of the awarded project The Golden Age - Women Haute Couture by Kelly Ng says, Kelly Ng incorporates her ideal from that period of the Golden Age - armour style patterns on top conveying "the fights for rights" and bal <Cropped>

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65x5 Echo-Artificial Intelligence Tv;remote Voice by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The 65x5 Echo Artificial Intelligence Tv;remote Voice

The creator of the award winning design Artificial Intelligence TV;Remote voice by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, 65X5 ECHO, is the industry's first artificial intelligence TV, using remote voice technology, 4 array array microphone linear ar <Cropped>

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Fariborz and Company-Short Animation Series by Aidin Ardjomandi

Aidin Ardjomandi Exhibits The Fariborz and Company Short Animation Series

Aidin Ardjomandi, the author of the highlighted project Fariborz and Company by Aidin Ardjomandi points out, "Fariborz & company" is an Instagram base short animation series. This is the story of a small blue creature named Fariborz w <Cropped>

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Vote For Your Favourite Green Product and Win a Prize

Our Jury Selected The Green Product Award and The Green Concept Award Winners. Now We Are Looking For Your Choice and Want to See Who Wins The Green Product Audience Award. You Can Decide!

Our jury selected the green product award and the green concept award winners. now we are looking for your choice and want to see who wins the green product audience award. you can decide!.

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Residential by Peter Cheng

Peter Cheng Designs The Stillness Residential

Peter Cheng, the architect of the highlighted design Residential:Stillness by Peter Cheng explicates, This residence located in a quiet community in the hillside. Keep the entire surface of the floor to ceiling windows in the entrance. Bring plenty o <Cropped>

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Timber Tale by Eureka Limited

Eureka Limited Portrays The Timber Tale An Ancestor Hall

Eureka Limited, the lead designer of the awarded project Award Winning Timber tale An ancestor hall says, With close communication with client and also after careful review of the architectural merit with specialist, a more radical approach was adopt <Cropped>

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Award Winning Meta Vessel Vase

Chubai Liu Shows The Meta Vessel Vase

Chubai Liu, the maker of the award winning work Award Winning Meta Vessel Vase points out, Meta Vessel is an experiment that lets users explore their innermost being through the interaction with the object. The asymmetric and alterable appearance is <Cropped>

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Plastic Surgury Clinic by Helen Brasinika

Helen Brasinika Reveals The Voronoi Clinic Plastic Surgury Clinic

Helen Brasinika, the architect of the highlighted project Helen Brasinika's Voronoi Clinic Plastic Surgury Clinic spells out, The challenge was to create a strong clinical identity without following the typical elements of clinical and lab. The <Cropped>

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Artta Concept Studio's Golden Harvest Whampoa Cinema

Artta Concept Studio Shares The Golden Harvest Whampoa Cinema

ARTTA Concept Studio, the architect of the displayed work Award Winning Golden Harvest Whampoa Cinema points out, A film production set inspired cinema for a theatric ambience as the customers enter Golden Harvest Whampoa. With the feature ceiling <Cropped>

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