Shopping Mall:horosho! by Iq Architecture Studio

Iq Architecture Studio Presents The Horosho! Shopping Mall

Iq Architecture Studio, the maker of the awarded design Horosho! by Iq Architecture Studio demonstrates, Main design driver of the new shopping mall “Horosho!” in Moscow, is functionality. The goal was to fulfill the needs of tenants, to be frien <Cropped>

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Veloce Race E Bike by Diavelo

Diavelo Exhibits The Veloce Race E Bike Electric Sports Bike

Diavelo, the author of the award winning work Diavelo's Veloce Race E Bike Electric sports bike illustrates, The Pininfarina Evoluzione Race electric bike bike is a new category of the electric bike industry. Research has shown that needs for el <Cropped>

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Metal Postcard Penholder by Chungsheng Chen and Changhsien Cho

Chungsheng Chen and Changhsien Cho Spotlights The Swordlion Metal Postcard Penholder

ChungSheng Chen and ChangHsien Cho , the project leader of the displayed project SwordLion by ChungSheng Chen and ChangHsien Cho points out, This is a series cultural creative souvenir of 5 metal postcard penholder, its features derived from Tainan h <Cropped>

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Award Winning Red Line Cat-Overpass

Suwu Design Studio Shares The Red Line Cat-Overpass

SUWU Design Studio, the lead designer of the displayed design SUWU Design Studio's Red Line Cat-Overpass says, Stray cats are unable to follow human rules of traffic. Once those poor cats break into highway of oncoming cars, it is possible for t <Cropped>

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Gretchen-Anne-Christin Schmitt 's Ebony Two Loop Bag

Gretchen-Anne-Christin Schmitt Demonstrates The Ebony Two Loop Bag

Gretchen - Anne-Christin Schmitt , the architect of the highlighted design Ebony Two by Gretchen - Anne-Christin Schmitt illustrates, Gretchen's Ebony Loop Bag is a chic accessory that will be loved forever. It is inspired by the 60s and organic <Cropped>

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Sofa by Lila Demarcq

Lila Demarcq Demonstrates The Isiqu, The Hybrid Sofa Sofa

Lila Demarcq, the creator of the award winning design Isiqu, the hybrid sofa - Sofa by Lila Demarcq says, Isiqu represents a childhood memory, passed in South Africa. It's a big elephant at the edge of the water, covered with reflections. His sl <Cropped>

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Identity and Packaging by Tak Cheung-Studio 10 Design

Tak Cheung-Studio 10 Design Creates The Eo Beauty and Health Identity and Packaging

Tak Cheung - Studio 10 Design, the project leader of the awarded project eo Beauty and Health by Tak Cheung - Studio 10 Design explicates, Studio 10 Design created the packaging of one of their client's signature product, the beauty soap. As the <Cropped>

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Standing Chair:tatiisu by Masaya Ogiyama

Masaya Ogiyama Discloses The Tatiisu Standing Chair

Masaya Ogiyama, the author of the awarded work standing chair:tatiisu by Masaya Ogiyama says, Supports your posture while standing to improve productivity and support health and it's just as relaxing as a sitting chair. Doing office and factory <Cropped>

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Seyed Behrad Ghodsi's Atossa 3d Printed Footwear 3d Printed Footwear

Seyed Behrad Ghodsi Presents The Atossa 3d Printed Footwear 3d Printed Footwear

Seyed Behrad Ghodsi, the designer of the highlighted design Atossa 3D Printed Footwear by Seyed Behrad Ghodsi points out, Atossa started as an idea for redesigning industrial and social systems that deliver the products to people. This project is f <Cropped>

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Award Winning Visa Innovation Center Singapore Experience Showcase

Kong Studio Designs The Visa Innovation Center Singapore Experience Showcase

Kong Studio, the architect of the displayed project Experience Showcase:Visa Innovation Center Singapore by Kong Studio says, Visa Innovation Center Singapore is the gateway to the Asia Pacific region. An open and collaborative space where Visa and p <Cropped>

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